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Welcome to our Home in Myrtle Beach, SC

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We are Bell, Bell, & Jenkins LLC. We are 3 siblings and spouses that have taken over the ownership of our parents beloved beach house 5729 Old Kings Road. The Beach House started as a single-wide trailer with an addition in 1995. Our parents, like many annual lease holders, decided to build "up" and make use of the air space; therefore, in 2008 they tore down the trailer & built the 2 story Beach House that we have today. Collectively, we have been vacationing at Ocean Lakes for over 50+ years even before we had the  Beach House. But now, it is our turn to share with others. We hope you will love the changes we have made and feel the love that we have put into our family  Beach House. Welcome ya'll and have a wonderful time at our 5729 Old Kings Road -Our Beach House.  

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